Monday, May 11, 2009

Give A Customized " Mother Of The Year Award Video" by CNNBC News

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! I received a fun Mother Of The Year Award Video this morning from my mother-in-law and CNNBC News and had to pass this on for anyone who wanted to do the same for a special Mother out there. Click on the link to see the video made for me and send a personalized one to deserving Mom.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day gifts and craft ideas with children

Mother's Day is just a few short days away and I have seen some cute Mother's Day crafts and gifts that children can help create and give.

1. Bake a cake and wrap it like a present in chocolate or fondant, decorate fun Mom themed cupcakes or cut out sugar cookie letters and ice them for a special message to Mom for mother's day. Cookie bouquets are also a really cute idea to make Mom feel special and easy for kids to decorate.

To learn how to wrap a cake like a present in chocolate go to-

To make Cute I Love Mom cupcakes go to-

To make no fail surgar cookies or cookie boquets go to-

2. Make a door hanger boquet of flowers with a sweet note. Here is a cute bee boquet hanger I saw on to give you a start on making one of these flower door hangers.

3. Make breakfasts together or for Mom. Hard boiled dyed robin eggs in sweet little nest holders. You could also put together a breakfast picnic basket for your Mom and go have breakfast with her in a beautiful location.

To Make Speckled Mother's Day eggs go to-

To make Tie Dyed Mother's Day eggs from old silk ties go to-

Make a natural looking bird nest-

To Make a kid friendly recyclable bird nest-

To Make a chocolate bird nest-

4. Give Mom a sweet little Eggling crack and grow garden or make one with her for Mother's Day.

To purchase the Eggling crack and grow garden kit go to-

To make your own Eggshell grow garden kit go to-

Monday, May 4, 2009

Edible Play Dough And Finger Paint For Toddlers

Cake Mix Playdough

My little girl turns 18 months old next week and I was thinking of some fun activities that will help her get ready to be in Nursery at church. I made edible play dough for the kids in Nursery when I was a Nursery leader years ago and this was one of my favorite activities to do with them during playtime. Make sure your kids have clean hands when they play with the edible play dough and portion out the dough for each child and store the rest for another day in an airtight container. Don't forget to use your Jell-o puddings for some fun edible finger painting time with your toddlers too. Have fun creating and snacking at the same time! :)

Cake Mix Playdough

1 box name brand white cake mix

1 stick soft but not melted margarine

3 tablespoons water (add more or less depending on dough consistency)

Mix cake mix and margarine in large bowl. When it is well mixed add 1 teaspoon of water at a time and mix until the desired consistency.When not using, it must be stored in an airtight container.

Peanut Butter and Honey Play Dough

1 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup honey

2 cups powdered sugar


Mix all ingredients in a bowl, using your hands. Dough should feel soft and pliable. When not using it must be stored in an airtight container. Caution: do not make this play dough if your child has allergies to peanut butter or honey.

Kool-Aid Play Dough

1 cup flour

1 cup water

1/2 cup salt

3 teaspoons Cream of Tartar

1 package Kool-Aid Mix (any flavor of unsweetened)

1 tablespoon cooking oil

Mix dry ingredients together in a large saucepan. Slowly add water mixed with oil and stir over medium heat until mixture thickens to dough. Turn out onto a heatproof bread board or counter top and knead until cool enough for kids to handle. The dough will be the color of the Kool-Aid mix and will smell like the Kool-Aid mix. When not using, it must be stored in an air tight container.

For more edible play dough recipes like these please click on this link-

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet Simple Gifts For A Graduate

It's Graduation Season! For those of you who are attending a graduation for a friend or loved one, here are some cute homemade and inexpensive ways to show your graduate you are so proud of them.

1. I love the simple beauty of Hawaiian leis and they are really easy to make yourself. You can make Hawaiian leis from candy, flowers or dollar bills for your graduate to wear for the graduation ceremony. Not only will they feel special but look great and easy to spot in the sea of cap an gown students. Click on this link for instruction to make any of these-

2. Cup cakes with a nice card or gift certificate to Jamba Juice or their favorite place to eat are also sweet. Here is a cute cupcake I saw this week on a website I follow called Give LDS Gifts. The cupcake is decorated with a cute chocolate graduation cap made out of a Hurshey's Reese's Peanut Butter cup turned upside Down and a square piece of chocolate Ghirardelli securing it on top with frosting and then a simple diagonal frosting line on the top to indicate a tassel. Here is the original website it comes form to make your own-

3. Balloons never go out of style at any celebration. Go to a party store and have them fill the balloons with inspirational thoughts/ quotes or messages you have printed on small rolled up pieces of paper and also have them throw in some wrapped candy, dollar bills, confetti of flower petals too before they fill the balloons with helium. If you are really creative and are throwing them a surprise party afterwards or giving them a big surprise gift, you can put clues in the balloons to give them hints to find their gift. Just make sure they know they need to pop the balloons for the surprise :)! There are party supply stores who sell large balloons big enough to place larger items like stuffed animals inside. This makes a fun gift wraped idea for any number of gifts you may want to give your graduate.

Most of all let them know how proud you are of them. Congratulations Class of 09'! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Hallmark Mother's Day Cards Till May 4th!

Hallmark cards will send a personalized Mother's Day card in the mail to anyone for free till May 4th.

Click on this link and follow the instructions|10001|10051|-1|unHallmarkHome
Put in promotion code CARD4MOM. Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Make Owies Less Painful For Your Children- How To Make BOO BOO Wash Cloth BUNNIES

I was sorting through my daughter's drawers and realized that I haven't used half of the cute wash cloths that were given to us as baby gifts. My mother made these cute boo boo wash cloth bunnies with me when I was younger and they had a fun little plastic ice cube in the center to ease the pain of boo boos without the mess of wet dripping ice cubes. So I thought I would put my daughter's wash cloths to good use and maybe make a few gifts for my mom friends. The bunnies above in the pictures are just a few ideas of how to embellish the wash cloth bunnies. Some glue on googly eyes, pom poms for nose, eyes and tail and others stitch the eyes, mouth and add string whiskers so their children can't pull them off. They are all darling any way you choose to embellish them. Here are the basic steps on making a wash cloth bunny.

Items You Will Need:
1 small child size wash cloth (optional: You could stitch two wash cloths together and turn them inside out so the bunny looks like it has different colored lined ears)
1 small to medium rubber band
1 square plastic ice cube-(You can buy them on or find boo boo bunny replacement cubes on google)

Optional Items For Decorating Bunny:
small ribbon
fabric glue
1 tiny and 2 small pom poms for nose and eyes and a little bigger one for the tail
2 googly eyes
white string or embroidery thread for whiskers

Directions: Lay your washcloth flat on table and roll one corner to the center, then do the same to the opposite corner by rolling it to meet the other in the center. Now it looks like you have two wash cloth coils. Fold in half with the two coils on the outside. The ends will be your bunny ears. Grab the ends (bunny ears) and bend them straight upwards and then back about four or five inches in from the end this forms your bunny face. Place a rubber band snugly around the face about an inch back from the fold and then fluff out the ears.

Time to decorate your bunny. Glue or stitch on your eyes depending on what you are using ( googly eyes or tiny pom poms or embroidery thread), Then the nose ( small pom pom or embroidery thread stitches, it looks cute without a nose too). If you are adding whiskers then us your fine string or embroidery thread and make sure you tie little knots to secure it at the nose and at the end of each whisker to keep from unraveling or falling out.
Tie a small ribbon around it's neck and then glue or stitch on a little pom pom tail.

If you are making these as a gift, then here are some cute boo boo bunny poems you could include at this link-

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smart Kitchen Items-Make your own chalkboard labeled glasses and containers

I bought these really fun water glasses, tumblers and a glass milk bottle/ water pitcher from Pier 1 last year and absolutely love them. My husband and I were always mixing up our cups/glasses and having to do a lot of dishes because we would forget who's glass was who's. These are great glasses to have at dinner parties for your guests to label their names on their glass! Unfortunately I was clumsy and I broke one of my water glasses doing the dishes this week and they have now been discontinued so I have to make my own. If anyone else whats to make these great water glasses or chalkboard labeled vases, jars or containers, this is all you have to do.

Items You Will Need:
Water Glasses (or glass item to be labeled)
Scotch Tape
Black Chalkboard Spray Paint (check craft stores or Art suppliers and home improvement, paint stores)

Box of Chalk Sticks (to label your glasses)

Take a clean water glass and mask out around a rectangular area on your glass, leaving the rectangle shape in the middle clear of tape. Put your water glass on a piece of cardboard and spray (in a well ventilated area) the center rectangle area with chalkboard spray paint. Let dry and then peel off the surrounding tape and you are done! It is so easy to do and chalkboard paint is dishwasher safe too! :)